BMP-3 Turret

BMP-3 Turret

The BMP-3 turret is intended for installation on various mobile and stationary platforms.



  • 100-mm gun-launcher for firing high-explosive projectiles and guided missiles
  • 30-mm automatic gun with double-belt feeding
  • 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted coaxially with the gun

A fire control system introduced into the BMP-3 turret ensures effective engagement of ground and aerial targets day and night at halt and on the move. The FCS comprises SOZH main gunner's sight, gunner and commander's air defence sights, TKN-AI commander's vision device, an armament stabilizer and a ballistic computer. The BMP-3 turret can be equipped with Vesna-K thermal imaging sight and Eagle Eye commander's panoramic thermal imaging sight at customer's request. The SOZH and Eagle Eye sights are fitted with laser range finders.

Elevation and traverse drives ensure electromechanical guidance of the weapons cluster with manual back-up.

The turret is equipped with communication means and a loading mechanism for the 100-mm gun launcher.

The camouflage and protection means introduced into the turret increase the vehicle survivability, namely 902V smoke grenade launch system, or Shtora-1 protection system against high precision weapons, or Arena-E defensive aids suite.

All-round surveillance for the crew is ensured by seven vision devices.


Combat weight 5000 kg
Personnel capacity 2 persons (commander, gunner)
Length over 100-mm gun-launcher 4528 mm
Armament swept area 3395 mm
Width over turret 2700 mm
From lower race-ring supporting surface to turret top, max. 540 mm
Turret baskets from lower race-ring supporting surface, max. 1175 mm
Basket diameter 1900 mm
Race-ring diameter 1982 mm
Gun-launcher with automatic loader
Make 2A70
Type rifled semiautomatic
Calibre 100 mm
Maximum firing range 4000 m
Minimum practical rate of fire with rounds being in loading mechanism 10 rds/min
Automatic gun
Make 2A72
Type automatic
Calibre 30 mm
Minimum rate of fire 300 rds/min
Maximum aimed firing range at ground targets 4000 m
Machine gun
Calibre 7.62 mm
Maximum practical rate of fire 250 rds/min
Rate of fire 700-800 rds/min
Feeding in belts
Maximum aimed firing range 2000 m
Zones of fire
Traverse 360°
Elevation 62° ±30’
Depression 4° ±15’
Ammunition allowance
Rounds for 2A70 gun-launcher
With high explosive projectiles 22 pcs
With guided missiles 3 pcs
Cartridges for 2A72 gun
With fragmentation tracer and high explosive incendiary projectiles 305 pcs
With armour piercing tracer and armour piercing cored projectiles 195 pcs
Cartridges for PKTM machine gun 2000 pcs

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