UBO-688 Turret simulator

UBO-688 Turret simulator

The UBO-688  turret simulator is intended for studying the equipment of the BMP-3 turret. The students are familiarized with the initial skills of operation the systems and devices of the turret, practice of the armament and systems check up and daily maintenance.

The UBO-688 simulator is a training configuration of the BMP-3 turret installed on a support. Power is supplied to the simulator through the rectifier VAK-6-28,5-M1 intended for AC conversion into DC or storage battery supply.



Main overall dimensions
Length with weapons cluster 4528 mm
Width 2350 mm
Height with weapons cluster depressed 2302 mm
Height with weapons cluster elevated 4035 mm
Diameter of armament-swept area 6785 mm
Mass of turret simulator 3550 kg

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