UKS-688 Training rig

UKS-688 Training rig

The UKS-688 training rig is intended for studying the power plant with the engine systems, transmission, water-jet propellers, bilge pumps, control linkages, hydro-pneumatic equipment, running gear and electrical equipment of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle. It is also intended for training students in troubleshooting of electrical equipment.

The training rig comprises stands and units. Some units are presented in section for better visualization. Others are presented as mock-ups indicating the location of the units inside the vehicle, their interconnection and appearance.


  • Stand of power plant with systems
  • Stand of transmission, water-jet propellers, bilge pumps, control linkages
  • Running gear stand
  • Split transmission on rest
  • Split engine on rest
  • Split air cleaner on rest
  • Split fuel filter on rest
  • Driver’s instrument panel on rest
  • Power board on rest
  • Special equipment stand


Type stationary
Model Er UKS 688
Total power of electric power consumers 3.9 kW
Type of consumed current direct
Voltage 22-29 V
Area of rig 170-200 m2
Mass of rig 8000 kg

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