Arena-E Defensive aids suite


  • Automatic detection and destruction of incoming guided and unguided missiles, antitank grenades
  • Simultaneous destruction of missiles fired from different directions
  • Immunity to false targets
  • All-weather round-the-clock mode of operation

The system has immunity to false targets

  • Targets fired at the range of more than 50 m from the vehicle
  • Receding targets, e.g. fired from own gun
  • Low-speed targets (up to 70 m/c) including those occurred when mines and projectiles explode around the vehicle
  • Targets with trajectories not crossing protection sector
  • Radar
  • Protective munitions of directive effect


Operating mode automatic
Target detection and tracking radar
Type of targets antitank grenades, ATGMs
Target velocity range 70…700 m/c
IFV protection sector
In azimuth ±110 deg
In elevation -5…+15 deg
Target detection range 50 m
Weight 900 kg


  • 3-D show of Arena-E operation
    Загрузка плеера

  • BMP-3 with Arena-E

    Загрузка плеера

  • BMP-3 with Arena-E afloat
    Загрузка плеера

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