SOZH Gunner's sight


  • High weapons aiming accuracy
  • Stabilized sighting line
  • Target ranging by the integrated laser rangefinder
  • Indication of ammo type, range to target and ready-to-fire sign in the sight eyepiece
  • ATGM guidance channel


Type day, passive-active night, with independent bi-axial field-of view stabilization with integrated laser rangefinder
Day channel
Target identification range 7000 m
Magnification 14/5/1 ×
Field of view 3/6/20 × 5 deg
Night channel
Target identification range in passive mode 800 m
Magnification 5 ×
Field of view 7 deg
Rangefinder channel
Range 500…7000 m
Range measurement accuracy ±10 m
Information channel
Control range up to 5500 m


  • Gunner's sight
    Загрузка плеера

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