Fire power

Fire power of the upgraded BMP-3 is enhanced due to introduction of an upgraded fire control system. The system comprises SOZH main sight for the gunner with an integrated laser rangefinder and an ATGM guidance channel, Vesna-K sighting system with a thermal imaging camera and AST-B automatic target tracker, TKN-AI day/night vision device for the commander, a ballistic computer and an armament stabilizer.

Introduction of the upgraded fire control system ensures target identification and aimed firing at large distances and high movement speeds, decreases target hitting time, and dramatically improves firing efficiency afloat. The upgraded BMP-3 is fitted with an ATGM loading mechanism to facilitate the gunner's work and to decrease missile loading time. The ATGM loader ensures missile loading in automatic and step-by-step modes with various angles of turret rotation relative to the vehicle hull.

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