Air conditioner

The vehicle can be fitted with KBM-3M2 air conditioner or KE air conditioner power-pack to ensure comfortable conditions for the crew.

Features of KBM-3M2 air conditioner

  • It provides comfortable environment for the crew and the troopers at ambient temperature reaching +50°C, relative humidity of 45%
  • Refrigerating capacity of 7 kW (6000 kcal/h) enables the crew and the troopers to accomplish their missions under adverse weather conditions

Features of KE air conditioner power-pack

  • Independence - The air conditioner power-pack comprises a small-size diesel engine, which ensures operation irrespective of the standard systems of the vehicle
  • It ensures recharging of the batteries and power supply of the armament system, radio sets and other systems. Firing can be done with the main engine shut down
  • When installing the air conditioner power-pack total electric power is increased as much as 1.5 times. It enables to install auxiliary equipment
  • Air conditioning and power supply are done both on the move and at halt
  • Cool air is supplied to the breathing area of each crew and troops member
  • Floatability, combat and running performance are retained


Refrigerating capacity 8 kW
Internal air temperature under ambient temperature +45°C
In breathing area (on the heads level of crew members) +25…+29°C
Electric power supplied by air conditioner power-pack to the mains in power pack mode 2.5 kW
Refrigerant ozon-friendly
Time of continuous operation 8 h, min


  • 3-D show of air conditioner-power pack operation
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