BMP-3 Infantry fighting vehicle

BMP-3 Infantry fighting vehicle

Intended to increase fire power, mobility and protection of motorized infantry and armoured units, fire support subdivisions, marines, coastguard and special purpose forces in various conditions of tactical employment.


  • Unsurpassed fire power, unique armament system
  • Multiple employment
  • Effective protection of troopers and crew
  • High off-road performance and manoeuvrability
  • Capability to move afloat
  • Easy-to-upgrade

Strategic mobility is ensured due to the vehicle transportability by aircraft, sea and landing crafts.

Tactical mobility is boosted by sufficient cruising range, excellent cross-country ability, high maximum and average movement speeds, capability to negotiate water obstacles and long-time stay afloat without additional preparation.

The vehicle features constant readiness for alternations of warfare scenario.

Fire power

Impressive fire power is ensured by the unique armament system: a 100-mm gun-launcher, a 30-mm automatic gun, three 7.62 mm machine guns, an automated fire control system, and munitions of enhanced lethality.

It enables the vehicle to conduct fire with similar efficiency while moving both afloat and overland enjoying all the advantages of the weapons system and a wide range of ammunition allowance to engage various targets.


The BMP-3 armoured hull and turret are made of aluminium alloys. The most vulnerable sections are protected by spaced armour ensuring state-of-the art ballistic protection level which meets modern requirements for similar-type vehicles.


Personnel capacity
Crew 3 persons
Troopers 7 persons
Auxiliary seats 2 persons
Maximum speed
On highway forward 70 km/h
On highway backward 20 km/h
Afloat 10 km/h
Average speed on unpaved dry road 45 km/h
Cruising range on highway 600 km
Ultimate height of operation 3000 m
Transportability by train, motor, sea, and air
Armament system
100-mm gun-launcher 2A70 1
30-mm automatic gun 2A72 1
7.62-mm machine gun 3
Practical rate of fire from 100-mm gun-launcher 2A70 10 rds/min
Rate of fire from 30-mm gun 300 rds/min
Maximum range of aimed fire
100-mm gun-launcher (projectiles) 4000 m
100-mm gun-launcher (ATGM) 4000 m
30-mm automatic gun 4000 m
Zones of fire
Traverse 360 deg
Elevation -6…+60 deg
Ammunition allowance
HE rounds for 100-mm gun-launcher 40 (22 in automatic loader conveyor) pcs
ATGMs for 100-mm gun-launcher 8 pcs
Cartridges for 30-mm automatic gun
With HEI projectiles 300 pcs
With APT projectiles 200 pcs
Cartridges for 7.62 mm machine guns PKTM (in belts) 6000 pcs
Engine diesel four-stroke, liquid-cooled
Gross power 331 (450) kW (hp)
Power transmission hydromechanical, four-speed, with power takeoff to water jets
Suspension independent, torsion bar, 6 hydraulic shock absorbers
Steering gear differential, with hydrostatic drive
Track adjusting mechanism remotely controlled from driver's station and with tension force indication
Water-jet propulsion unit single-stage, axial, auger-type
Combat weight 18700 +2% kg
Dimensions 7200 × 3300 × 2450 mm


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