BMP-3F Marines fighting vehicle

BMP-3F Marines fighting vehicle

The BMP-3F Marines fighting vehicle is based on the BMP-3 IFV and intended to increase fire power, mobility and protection of the marines.

As compared to the basic model, the vehicle design features the changes increasing floatability reserve factor and the vehicle stability: the self-entrenching equipment is omitted, a light-weight antisurge vane and an air intake tube are introduced; the BMP-3F turret is protected by antisurge vanes as well.


  • Advanced manoeuvrability afloat, capability to move afloat at Sea State 3
  • Firing with the required accuracy at Sea State 2
  • Continuous stay afloat for 7 hours with the running engine
  • Water jet propellers develop 10 km/h speed afloat
  • The BMP-3F design allows the vehicle to come out to coast under rough sea conditions and to tow the same-type vehicle
  • A new main sight SOZH with an integrated laser range finder and an ATGM guidance channel is installed


  • Show of BMP-3F
    Загрузка плеера

  • Show of BMP-3F on test ground
    Загрузка плеера

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