General description

The BMP-2 Infantry fighting vehicle is intended to increase mobility, fire power and protection of the infantry in battle field conditions and when the weapons of mass destruction are used.

The BMP-2 design features classical layout with the front location of the power plant compartment, with the driving compartment to the left of it. Two-men (a commander and a gunner) fighting compartment is located in the centre of the vehicle. The troop compartment is in the rear of the BMP-2. Troopers disembark from the vehicle through the rear door.

From the moment of the full-scale production beginning and till now the BMP-2 vehicle has been coming into service of the Russian army and armies of other countries. It is the main infantry fighting vehicle of infantry units.


Type full-tracked, armoured, amphibious, air-transportable
Combat weight 14.0 +2% t
Personnel capacity
Crew 3 persons
Troopers 7 persons
Engine, type UTD-20, four-stroke, multifuel, liquid-cooled
Gross power 221 (300) kW (hp)
Overall dimensions
Length (over hull) 6735 mm
Width (over tracks) 2850 mm
Height (to sighting devices) 2250 mm
Ground clearance 420 mm
Maximum speed
On highway forward 65 km/h
On highway backward 10 km/h
Afloat 7 km/h
Average speed on unpaved dry road 40-50 km/h
Cruising range on highway 550-600 km
Transportability by rail, motor, air and sea
Negotiable obstacles
Gradient 35 deg
Side slope 20 deg
Trench 2.5 m
Vertical obstacle 0.7 m
Approach angle 30 deg
Departure angle 25 deg
Armament system
Gun 2A42, automatic
Calibre 30 mm
Rate of fire
Slow 200-300 rds./min
Fast 550 rds./min
Gun feeding double-belt, separate
Maximum firing range 4000 m
Machine gun (coaxial with gun) PKTM
Number 1 pcs
Calibre 7.62 mm
Practical rate of fire 250 rds./min
Machine gun feeding belts
Maximum firing range 2000 m
ATGM launcher
ATGM model 9M113 "Konkurs", 9M113M "Konkurs-M"
Ammunition allowance
Gun 2A42 500 rds
Machine gun PKTM 2000 rds
ATGM 4 rds


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