Second upgrading version

The second upgrading version includes installation of the BMP-2 turret to replace the standard turret resulting in fire power increase as much as 1.53 times reaching the level of the BMP-2 fire power.

Installation of the BMP-2 turret paves the way to other upgrades, comprising introduction of auxiliary armament and a modern fire control system. Due to increase of the running gear load the replacement of the BMP-1 running gear by the BMP-2 running gear is assumed. The floatability reserve is enhanced due to installation of the BMP-2 water displacing fenders. The above upgrades result in increase of the BMP-1 combat efficiency up to the BMP-2 level.

The second version is a more expensive BMP-1 upgrade and requires high technological attachments.


  • Show of BMP-1 second upgrading version
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