First upgrading version

The first upgrading version is aimed to improve the integral factor of combat efficiency due to installation of separate units and parts, and auxiliary armament without considerable modifications of the BMP-1 design.

The auxiliary armament includes AG-17 automatic grenade launcher, which enables to keep gazing and high-fire trajectory, and a modern ATGM system with the Konkurs missile to replace the obsolete ATGM system with the Malutka missile.

In addition to the upgrades improving fire power, it is offered to replace the standard track and the drive sprocket by the BMP-2 track and the drive sprocket. It will enhance operating performance of the running gear.

The upgrading works can be done in conditions with low level of technological attachments (repair shops, small repair factories). The costs for the upgrade are considerably low, but the combat efficiency factor is 1.37 times increased.


  • Show of BMP-1 first upgrading version
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